The “Finest Quality Natural Christmas Decorations” has been our motto since the beginning. We strive to make every product perfect. In order to ensure our quality, we begin with the freshest, greenest and most fragrant boughs available. Boughs are harvested once the evergreen trees have gone dormant for the winter and are better apt to retain their needles for months. They are collected from state and county owned land, private land owners and Native American Reservation forests. Once they arrive at our production site, they are separated by physical characteristics determined best fit for our specific products. All products are examined prior to decorating or prepared for delivery. Our dedication and devotion to our motto is reflected throughout our factory and in each item we create. For this reason, we confidently offer a full product guarantee. If a product is not to our customers liking, we will replace them free of charge as soon as possible or credit their account.

We are certified with the USDA.